The Players, their Characters, and their Quirks

Within the party are 4 spellcasters and 4 non-spellcasters. Each has their own well thought out personalities, backstories and beliefs. Within this page I will document the characters’ change in personality (if any), and their decisions throughout the campaign, with appropriate edit notes with respective times as to when the change has occurred. This will be a fun side-project to see how each character grows!

Wizard, specialized in the School of Transmutation, Trazeiros the Clever: Level 1

The de facto decision maker of the spellcasters and the strategist of battles, Madhava’s hero, Trazeiros, (Ross or Trazy for short) is an extremely aged High Elf wizard, with a physical appearance of 243 years old, but a mental age of well over two millennia. He endured many hardships and was directly involved in the destruction of Elvish civilization when they were the dominant race in Fehrûn. Due to the magical powers embued inside him due to an ancient text given to him by the fey, Trazeiros was able to survive the cataclysm and wandered mindlessly throughout the realm until saved by the gods. He was given a second chance at life after refusing godship himself.

Fighter, Gareth the Wanderer: Level 1

The de facto party leader, Shubh’s hero, Gareth (Sometimes called Gary) is a young human adventurous outlander who comes from a peaceful tribe that he was destined to be the leader of. However, that future was stolen from him one day when his entire tribe was brutally murdered and set ablaze while he was out hunting. Unable to find any other survivors, Gareth began to live off the land alone until he joined up with a mercenary group and learned the ways of excellent swordsmanship and combat under heavy armor.

Barbarian, Baal Al the Gentle: Level 1

A Half-Orc sailor known throughout the seas for his strength, Bilal H’s hero, Baal Al (Baal or Al for short), is travelling throughout the lands trying to solve a puzzle given to him by his captain, who was upon death’s door at the time. During his early adventures, Baal realized he wasn’t as powerful as he thought, and began to take up the primal combat style of the forest barbarians. Baal hopes to retire to a small port town with his love one day when he learns the truth about everything.

Druid, Grigor the Deep: Level 1

A human born in a civilization run by humans, Bilal A’s hero, Grigor, quickly learned of the disgusting nature of humans and despised his own kind. Grigor left his home and his country as soon as he was the age of 16 and took up druidcraft to preserve nature and the forests he now calls home. Grigor has also encountered and befriended a tiger cub, who he named Tabitha, and took care of her until her dying days. Tabitha was no more than a few months old when she began to pass from the world, when Grigor performed an ancient druidic rite, which allowed Tabitha to be linked with Grigor through an unbreakable connection of magic and mana. Even after ten years, Tabitha remains her tiny cub size, but has the ability to withdraw additional mana from Grigor to be transformed into a massive wildcat.

Cleric of the Domain of Life, Daardendrian Nala: Level 1

Born a descendant of the mighty dragons, raised by none other than humans, and carries a holy sigil of the God of Life. This describes a dragonborn who descended from the Gold dragons who descended from Bahamut, the dragon god of good and the standard for fair laws. Bethany’s character, Nala, is a cleric who follows the domain of life and believes in the strictest sense of following the laws and having good morals all around. A straightlaced, straight edged, straight arrow, Nala cannot be described better than as the perfect representation of the ideals that the pantheon of gods stands for.

Rogue of the Thief Archetype, Yuudai the Mastermind: Level 1

A human urchin born in the streets with his older brother, Tommy’s character, Yuudai, is basically D&D’s robinhood. Yuudai and his brother kickstarted their career by stealing from merchants and rich noblemen using underhanded tactics such as the bump and snatch, or a trick using sleight of hand. The both of them eventually were admitted into the Thieves’ league and were taught the ability to understand the Thieves’ cant. After years of climbing up the ranks, Yuudai and his brother were both candidates to be given the highest honor among thieves. However, Yuudai made a grave mistake of dishonoring the ‘family’, and was ordered to be killed. Yuudai, unwilling to die, culled down every last member of the league who came after him until his brother finally arrived. After a fatal duel that left many sections of the city destroyed, Yuudai was finally cut down and left for dead by his brother, who just walked away without looking back. Yuudai, still clinging to life, crawled his way to the nearest cathedral, where he was brought back to life by a dragonborn cleric. Yuudai, lost on what to do, took up adventuring in the hopes of finding a new purpose in life.

Monk, Way of the Shadow, Cripinus the Shadow: Level 1

A dark-skinned Tiefling with blazing black eyes, Tabahani’s character, Cripinus (Crip for short) is a Monk from the wood. His parents studied sorcery secretly and had a workshop set up near the outskirts of Cripinus’s hometown to study new elements of magic. Cripinus really enjoyed his life among the superstitious humans and jolly halflings and loved playing basketball with them. However, a little while later, Cripinus’s parents declared that their work was nearly complete and used this corruption magic upon the people of this village, turning them all into abominations. The true motives of Crip’s parents was unknown and never revealed, but in Crip’s eyes, his parents were something of pure evil. As the entire village became a settlement of disgusting disfigured creatures, Crip approached his parents and killed them both using his bare hands. Cripinus burned all the research that his parents did, in case some other bloodthirsty mage will come around looking for it. While burning the research, the magical runes protecting these parchments blended together with the ashes of the burning paper and the fumes of the flames. The strange miasma coming out of this strangling blend began to taunt at Crip’s mental state as visions from both the past and the future began to strike into his young traumatized mind. Out of all the visions, Crip was only able to recognize one as a horrifying disaster that is coming in an indefinite future. Not wanting the pain he suffered to be had with all others around the world, Cripinus found resolve to find any way to stop this disaster. Fighting his way out of the village, Cripinus became hardened and his will has become like steel as he no longer backs down from purging evil. He joined a Shadow monastery that is militarized against all forms of evil, from abominations such as werewolves and vampires to beings from hell such as demons and monsters.

Sorcerer, Claimant of Draconic Bloodline, Ramnekzenos the Unpredictable: Level 1

A grey-skinned Tiefling with immolate red solid eyes, Ryan’s character, Ramnekzenos (Ram or Zenos for short) is a sorcerer of boundless ability and potential. Being born to incredible talent, Ram was constantly praised for his extreme ability in everything except sports and really anything physical. His mind and willpower was beyond that of anything seen before, and he was more charming than any of the adventurers who passed by the town. All the ladies wanted to touch his horns ever since he was a young lad. Believing that he was destined for greater deeds, Ram went on a journey to the grand nation of Amn in search of their clandestine knowledge and technology. Ram has never regretted any of his actions and continues onward to find all the answers to every question that can or will be asked.

If there is enough interest, I will upload each character sheet as well!


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