House Rules

Our house rules are actually pretty simple. We use stunts as described by this website in order to make combat a bit more interesting and exciting. However, I, the Dungeon Master, will of course be in control of what is accepted and what is considered impossible based on the rolls of the player and the action performed.

For ability score generation, we used the rule of 4d6 (keep highest three) for all stats, with player-determined allocation of each number in order to allow them to have control of the type of education or skills received, but still have the element of dungeons and dragons behind it. (No overpowered characters were created, phew)

We avoid metagaming at all costs. Metagaming is when the player has knowledge of something that his or her character doesn’t and basically having the character act upon something of which he or she doesn’t have knowledge of. Example: There is a goblin on the other side of the wall that Ramnekzenos detected, but Gareth doesn’t know about the goblin but still moves in to attack it as if he knew. (hint: there was no communication between Ram and Gareth. This is metagaming)

We also have some other minor house rules that I’ll put down eventually here.


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